You will often see pages like this on the Internet, they all say that they can tell you how to make money, then they ask you to pay them for the information or (worse) they ask you to pay into a pyramid scheme before you start to make money (pyramid schemes are illegal). Well I am neither going to ask you to buy this information off me, nor am I going to invite you to invest in an illegal pyramid scheme. I am going to tell you for FREE. Why am I going to be this generous? Well after you have read the next few paragraphs you will be able to work that out for yourself.

There are plenty of companies who have an affiliate scheme, which allow you to advertise their products on your website and pay you a commission on each sale, usually 5%, or in some cases 10%. Amazon is a good example of this. This works (assuming you are selling a popular product) but it has two disadvantages:
  1. You have to have a website before you can start.
  2. You need a hell of a lot of visitors to your site to make any money (thousands, or tens of thousands, every single day).
It would be nice if you could get other people to help you out. And a few companies do allow this. They let you sign up new affiliates yourself, and give you a percentage of their sales as well. For example, imagine you sell something that costs $10 and you make 10% of each sale. That would mean you make $1 per sale. If you signed up two people and also made 10% of every one of their sales, then (assuming everyone sold at the same speed) you would make $3 in the same time period. Let me show you that in a picture.

So you see, you would make three times as much in the same time period.

But how about taking that one step further. In the above diagram you can see that you signed up Andy and Bella, and you make $1 from each of their sales. But Andy and Bella will have been given the same deal, so they will both be signing up people to sell stuff. Let us call the people they sign up; Carol, Dave, Ellen and Fred. Now let us get generous. As well as giving Carol, Dave, Ellen and Fred 10% of every sale they make, and giving 10% to the people who signed them up (Andy and Bella), let us also give YOU 10% of every sale they make!

This time you make $7 in the same time period as you would have only made $1 working alone, SEVEN TIMES AS MUCH.

However I can be more generous than that, let's say that I want to give away HALF of each sale, a whopping 50%. That would mean 10% on each of five levels (counting you as the first level). Lets look at that on one final diagram (apologies for the width of this diagram, some of you are going to have to scroll left and right to see it all, but the fifth level is so big that I could not fit it in the picture if I kept it to a standard screen width).

This time you make $31 in the same time period as you would have only made $1 working alone, THIRTY ONE TIMES AS MUCH.

In other words you make THIRTY ONE TIMES AS MUCH as you would have made on ANY normal program. And to show you how truly amazing this is, you made $31 dollars in the time it took you to sell one $10 item. So even if you had been running your own business and kept all $10 yourself, that is still only a third of what you would have made using this system. Think about that, you are making OVER THREE TIMES the sale price on each sale!!!!!!

And this assumes you only ever sign up two people. Over time you will sign up lots more people. Take, for example, the point where you have signed up ten people instead of just two. You may be thinking you will be making five times as much at that point. Well, if so, you would be wrong - the figures are much more amazing than that. Remember, if you sign up ten people, then each one of those people will also have signed up ten people, and each person they signed up will have signed up ten people, and so on.

This means ten people at level two, one hundred people at level three, one thousand people at level four, and a whopping ten thousand people at level five!!!!!

I'm afraid I can't show you a diagram for that because it would be so wide that no browser could display it, and would probably crash your computer trying. I'm also not going to tell you how much money you would be making at this point because it is so much that you would simply not believe me and would assume I was lying!

So how do I know this will work? Well, I am doing it myself! I already have several people at the "Andy and Bella" level, but I want more. Remember right back at the beginning I said that you would probably be able to work out why I was telling you all this, well here is why: I am now trying to recruit you! But if I was not certain, from previous experience, that you would be making loads of money, what would be the point? I'm only going to make money from signing you up if you make money! I am telling you this because I know in advance that you will make money from signing up, if I didn't, there would be no benefit to me in telling you all this! Because of this you also know in advance that you will make money from signing up. So you know you want to do this thing.

How do you go about signing up? Well there are three options, depending on your experience.

Firstly, if you already have a website or blog (or several websites/blogs) you simply need the codes to add the links to your site. Click Here to get those codes, and see what is already available to sell.

The second option is for people who do not have a website but ALREADY know how to get visitors to a website. You can get a free website if you Click Here. But do note that this website is a standard affiliates website, it does not come with any user access or help in marketing. You need to know all that stuff yourself already if you want to go for this option.

The third option is for people who do not have either a website or a blog and would not know how to get visitors to one if they had it. Or for people who do already have a website or blog but are not getting many visitors to their site. This option comes with two websites with proper hosting, not just standard affiliates sites (with more sites to follow) and access to a website full of advice on how to get surfers to your sites. This option basically gives you the sites fully up and running, and also takes you by the hand and teaches everything you need to know to make money online and also includes the full text of several expensive book on website marketing. Occasionally you even get the full text of books before they have even gone on sale!

Unfortunately, because of the amount of stuff they have to provide, it is not possible for them to give all this for free, but it is very cheap. Only $4.99 a month! To sign up for that option, Click Here.

So there you have it. Three ways you can make a lot of money, and two of the options are absolutely free. So don't miss out! Think what you can do with all the money you will be making, think how much better your life will be. Also realise that if you navigate away from this page without signing up you will loose out. Think about the number of times you have wanted something and could not afford it, so had to go without. If you do not sign up here now, to one of the above options, your life will always be like that, will always be full of disappointments. Think about that! Finally think about how good your life will be when you do sign up, no more disappointments, just plenty of joy - as you get to live the life you always wanted.

When you sign up, consider carefully which option to pick. The first two are great, and will make you a lot of money provided you already have enough knowledge to go ahead with those options. If you do not already have that knowledge, go for option three. But whichever you pick, go for it NOW. Remember: He who hesitates is lost - but he who dares, wins.

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